August 21, 2017

Dr Joseph Maroon, MD

Square One: A Balanced Life is the latest book by Dr. Joseph Maroon, MD, who in his mid-70s is still competing in triathlons. Y'know, Iron Man competitions and the like.

Dr. Maroon didn't start running until he was in his 40s and his life had completely fallen apart, going from performing neurosurgery one week to making fries at a truck stop. Seriously. It's an inspiring read about opening your eyes to where you are, how you got there, and figuring out where you're headed. 


Dr. Robert Anda collaborated with Dr. Vincent Felitti on a ground-breaking study that connected 'Adverse Childhood Experiences' (abuse, neglect, violence, IV drug use, alcoholism, incarcerated family members and mental illness in the home), to high-risk adult behaviors and a perpetuation of the cycle. The good news, is that a 'Social Movement', the Ace Initiative, is underway to disrupt that chronic cycle. 

Take a listen to hear how we're all affected by what happens to children and how that translates, in large part, to the $3 Trillion spent each year in the US on healthcare. 

September 17, 2016

Ned Curtis Reclamation

Three times, Ned Curtis tried to end his life. He battled clinical depression for over twenty years. He was told he'd never have feeling in his right leg again. In January of 2014, at 319 pounds, he began a reclamation of his life that took the former marathon runner and weight lifter from the fog of pharmaceuticals to a place of clarity and function that he was told he could never achieve. He's shed over 130 pounds, walks for miles at a time, lifts weights again and is connecting with his true self. 

Ned's story is powerful and, I believe, relatable. Take a listen yourself. 
August 30, 2016

Dixon of Dixon’s Violin

"Visionary Violin" is how Dixon of Dixon's Violin describes his transcendental performances with his electric violin. I've heard him perform live and had the chance to talk with him again about his transformational leap from working in the Tech sector and performing Classical violin, to walking away from the 'security' to become a full time artist.  If you get a chance to see him live, you are in for an ethereal experience.  Get the details here at and here on Facebook

Zane Vicknair and his family took over the Golden Harvest Diner in Old Town Lansing a dozen plus years ago and morphed it into a place of community that has a personality so distinct that people will wait in line two hours for breakfast. Every day. 
Zane also talks here about transforming and adapting through loss, abandonment, addiction and challenge. He describes his addiction as robbing himself of "the greatness and the pain...but mostly the greatness." Check it out. 

Michigan State University Senior Executive Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski grilled some avocado and put it together in a dish with roasted asparagus, a drizzle of vinaigrette and YUM! Then for dessert, grilled peaches, strawberries and a little vanilla ice cream. Quick, easy and so good. Get the details here. 


Every year on November 16th, Brian DeRath asks himself, "Are you living the life you want to be living?" Sometimes that answer is, "No." 

Brian shares his story here about a childhood trauma that left him with the gift of life, using alcohol and drugs to cope with the weight of it, and finding recovery. 

"Corn is a huge trigger for migraines, which most people don't know", says Karen Bishop, RN/BSN Allergy Nurse Full Spectrum Family Medicine in East Lansing, Michigan.

She also says that wheat is the biggest trigger for fatigue, brain fog and body pain in many people - not all, but a lot of us. 

Karen has some fascinating insights in our conversation here as to why so many of us feel so lousy - and that we can change that by tweaking a few things that we eat. 

"I'm speaking to the angel on the end of my bed, can't you see her? Isn't she beautiful?", said Jason Keusch's mother in her final days before passing from this world to the next. 

That was one of the key points in Jason's life that marked the transition from working 70-80 hours a week as a Chef/Owner/Manager for a restaurant group to becoming a painter and a writer, creator of Varhaus.

Listen here to how and why he made a dramatic overhaul of how he spends his time on this earth. 

He and I ramble on a bit in this one as we contemplate our navels and the purpose of this journey. I'd love to get your feedback on the conversation at

The theme of the show is "Loving Life" and finding ways in which we can do so. 

Jena McShane has loved photography since she was a kid and was smart enough to realize in her 20s that she could make her passion her career - a very successful one at that. And I love that one of her earliest successes was a Zombie Pinup calendar. That's a thing, you know.

McShane is also a passionate storm chaser and in May 2016, she 'caught a twister', facing a fear and chasing a thrill at the same time. Take a listen to her story and check out her photos on Facebook here

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